• Accelerate cost saving: 8% - 22% transportation cost reduction
  • Accelerate ROI: Breakeven within less than 1 year
  • Accelerate implementation: Modular implementation and roll-out


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We understand the current automotive scenario, as well as the crucial topics when analyzing a new software tool. When it comes to logistics there are several measures that can be taken to reduce costs, but in fact one of the most effective ones is to implement the right TMS.

You need to manage all possible combinations of inbound and outbound streams, including deliveries of raw, semi-finished, and finished products as well as empty returns. We helped other automotive companies achieve an active and comprehensive transportation management, leading them to higher vehicle utilization, less shipments and thus reduced CO2 emissions.

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We are able to save 20 minutes processing each invoice because it is all in one system: order, rates, execution.

Dennis Henning | Vice President Operations & Logistics at Lear Corporation

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Let us help you turning automotive industry challenges into opportunities

Recent developments like Industry 4.0, autonomous driving as well as electric mobility are accelerating the pace of disruption and increase the pressure in the industry further.

Our in-depth experience of more than 20 years with international, multi-modal transportation management have made us a strong partner in the automotive sector.

  • Web-based collaboration platform for all supply chain partners
  • Dynamic, tactical, strategic planning of the transportation and networks
  • Easy integration of suppliers, customers, logistics service providers, partners
  • Numerous OEMs, first tiers, suppliers and carriers already connected
  • End-to-end visibility into pick-ups, shortages, supplier reliability, and more
  • Comprehensive reporting, performance measurement of suppliers
  • Track and trace, event & exception handling