ALPEGA TMS Access Management and Dock Assignment solution optimizes carrier flow using existing hardware

Yard & Access Management – Automate communication and check-in process for carriers

  • Reduce check-in time and time spent on site by 10% - 50% by automating flow-through
  • Benefit from cost-efficient access thanks to self-service registration
  • Leverage real-time data and carrier visibility to avoid congestion and demurrage costs
  • Integrates with your existing hardware and access control system
  • Pair with Smart Booking to fully optimize your slot booking and yard management process
  • Automate communication with carriers to indicate the correct gate and loading dock
  • Monitor SLAs and KPIs in real-time
  • Use mobile apps for yard operators, eliminating radio communication and manual administration for shunters, inspections and guard checks
  • Set safety requirements as a validation rule and automatically link returning drivers to existing safety certifications
  • Self-service kiosk and text message communication available in 26 languages

Yard and dock management made easy

Increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs around yard, dock and warehousing processes is a key concern for leading businesses. That’s why we created Transwide’s Yard & Access Management. By optimizing truck inflow and integrating with internal business processes and existing hardware, the solution improves efficiency, cuts through employee frustrations and increases productivity across the board.

From the moment a truck enters the yard, Transwide’s solution tells you where it is, what it’s carrying, where it needs to go and what timetable it needs to stick to and how to make sure everything goes smoothly. This overview and automation leverages your warehouse capacity as planned instead of trying to order trucks coming in off-schedule. It also provides a step-change in terms of security. Many companies have stressed how Transwide’s Yard & Access Management has provided a safer work environment. Better visibility leads to better planning and eliminates the chaos that is often synonymous with the loading and unloading process.

Thanks to [Transwide’s Yard & Access Management] we were able to enforce a uniform check-in process. As a result, we immediately know why a driver is here and what we have to do.

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Each of our solutions is cloud-based. This means there are no long, costly implementation cycles and we are able to seamlessly update our product line. Our solutions can be easily integrated into any IT environment and we fully support agile product implementations.

We also provide a dedicated customer success team for implementation, configuration and support.

  • Dedicated team for implementation, configuration and further requests
  • Logistics consultants
  • Trainings for users and partners
  • Global Support 24/7 for all customers

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