TMS software that enables efficient, reliable and sustainable transportation management in logistics

inet and Transwide are now part of the Alpega Group

  • Gain real time visibility
  • Time and cost savings
  • Digitalize your end-to-end transport process
  • Improve customer service levels and unlock business growth
  • Access to the largest network of pre-qualified carriers in Europe

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Transport Management Software for shippers 

By streamlining sourcing, planning, execution, settlement and analytics, Alpega’s Transport Management Systems (TMS), deliver seamless integration and visibility for some of the most successful companies on the globe.

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Our programs empower transport professionals to manage the end-to-end logistics and supply chain process, thanks to the latest in transportation technology. Our TMS software is designed to be easy to use and created in collaboration with shippers, carriers and LSPs. It is flexible and customizable, meaning it can transform global and local supply chains into collaborative ecosystems, bringing together all parties involved.

TMS services are further complemented by support from our in-house experts, who are always available to share best practice and ensure maximum value is being delivered. Regardless your organization’s digital maturity, the complexity of your logistics processes, or your industry, we have a true cloud-based TMS that fits your needs.


Who we work with

We operate across all industries and our community of 200,000+ users relies on our products to successfully manage critical transport processes. By enabling them to digitalize and share data and leverage the combined benefits of our solutions, we are helping to create a more sustainable and collaborative transport industry.

Flexible software solutions for carriers, shippers and 3PLs

We know the transport industry can be volatile and carriers, shippers and 3PLs need to keep adapting to thrive. That’s why we offer flexible solutions.

You can rely on our products as standalone solutions, integrate them with your current systems, or build up your portfolio as you see fit. Regardless of which road you go down, you’ll be able to rely on Alpega’s transport community and the synergies, insights and collaboration opportunities it represents.

Businesses in the transport industry need to be agile and that’s why our modular transport solutions can be used independently or to complement your existing systems.

Alpega Group – End-to-end transport software

By bringing together the best products and brands in transport software, the Alpega Group has created the transportation industry’s only end-to-end software suite.

Our freight procurement solution, TenderEasy, provides a world-class solution for sourcing transport across air, land and sea. On the TMS-side, inet, TAS and Transwide connect companies to Europe’s largest carrier pool (the Alpega Hub) and enable the digitalisation of their supply chains. In terms of freight exchanges, 123cargo, Teleroute and Wtransnet are unique marketplaces designed to match spot shipments and capacities.

These platforms and the data which flows through them, alongside our 30+ years’ experience in transport means we empower businesses to optimise their transport planning and execution while benefitting from lower costs and higher visibility.

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