Automate scheduling, save time and reduce demurrage costs

  • Save up to 80% of operational staff time 
  • Gain real-time visibility across sites
  • Prevent on-site congestion 
  • Improve staff planning and optimize physical resources
  • Gain higher customer satisfaction rates

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One easy-to-use tool to manage your warehouse docks

Tedious administrative work, congestion, and long wait times at loading/unloading at warehouses are common realities, resulting in higher costs and low customer satisfaction. 

Smart Booking is a cloud-based tool, created in collaboration with shippers and carriers, that allows you to focus on what matters most for your business and simplify your dock scheduling. The system enables carriers to make their own bookings, and it automatically chooses the right duration based on product type and physical location to make sure the necessary equipment and people are ready when it comes time to load or unload.

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Smart Booking provides the flexibility and transparency we need to optimize our warehouse slots and avoid congestion. It's fully customizable and has been tailored to our needs.

Sabine Cruypelans, Senior Project Manager - Maersk



Does Smart Booking notify all parties when changes occur?

Yes. If a slot booking is completed, modified, or canceled, both warehouse staff and carriers are notified via the web application.

Does Smart Booking allow for custom rules for my warehouse?

Yes. You can add restrictions and custom rules and constraints for your warehouse schedule to avoid congestion due to physical limitations, prioritize specific shipments, or easily assign loading times based on the shipment type. 

Does Smart Booking support multiple day and multiple locations schedule view?

Yes. With Smart Booking, you can view multiple day schedules and control several locations to gain full visibility across sites. 

How long does it take to implement Smart Booking?

Smart Booking can be implemented and fully functional within four weeks, depending on the project scope. Alpega handles the implementation process to ensure it’s as smooth as possible.


Each of our solutions is cloud-based. This means there are no long, costly implementation cycles, and we can update our product line seamlessly. Our solutions can be easily integrated into any IT environment, and we fully support agile product implementations.

We also provide a dedicated customer success team for implementation, configuration, and support.

  • Dedicated team for implementation, configuration, and further requests
  • Logistics consultants
  • Trainings for users and partners
  • Global Support 24/7 for all customers

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