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A Transportation Management System (TMS) can help your business solve logistics challenges across the supply chain, while you reap the benefits in efficiency and cost savings.

Choosing a TMS, however, is a weighty decision and the growing TMS market is crowded. It can be hard to differentiate between specific solutions like SAP Transport Management, Blue Yonder, Blujay (acquired by E2Open), Transporeon, or Mercury Gate, among many others. Confusingly, there also TMS solutions like Navitrans and 3GTMS geared toward carriers and trucking companies, as well as trucking companies themselves like Girteka offering solutions that further blur the lines of what is a TMS. This makes it a challenge to determine which solution is positioned best to meet your supply chain needs.

So why is Alpega TMS the right choice for your business? 

Alpega TMS offers end-to-end visibility for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Industry-leading visibility features ensure that you get the latest status and customizable alerts about the shipments that are being executed. The reliable data our platform delivers can help you improve relationships with carriers and optimize your transportation network and planning.   

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Discover the value of Alpega TMS

As a modular, scalable SaaS solution, Alpega TMS serves supply chains of all levels of complexity, including global networks and multimodal transportation processes (road, air, sea, barge, rail, parcel). Because we know there's no one-size-fits-all solution in logistics, Alpega TMS is designed to scale up or down according to your business needs, both current and future.   

Alpega TMS integrates seamlessly with existing ERP solutions, synchronizing your inbound and outbound logistics without missing a beat. And, as you'll find in our success stories, ease of onboarding, efficiency gains and transportation cost savings (up to 25%) are just a few of the reasons top companies choose Alpega TMS.   

Now that you know what's unique about Alpega TMS, here's a possible next step on your research journey. 

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AGCO reduced costs by 28% after implementing Alpega TMS in more than 20 of its sites.

Hartmann saved over €1 Million in inventory and transport & logistics costs after implementing Alpega TMS. 

Asahi UK has seen a 50% reduction in internal processing time for their transport operations and savings of 150,000 € per year 

The evaluation the transportation industry relies on

The Gartner Magic Quadrant could be considered as the industry standard resource for evaluating Transportation Management Systems (TMS) performance. Anyone researching a transportation management system should strongly consider examining the Gartner report.

While some of the solutions out there are listed in the report, solutions from Alpega Group (including inet) have been included for the last ten years.

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When assessing the value of a TMS, one metric that's often left out of reviews is experience. Alpega TMS and our clients benefit from 30+ years of industry experience. 

Another metric that's difficult to quantify is collaboration. Alpega Group developed our TMS in collaboration with stakeholders from every corner of the logistics ecosystem. This includes two well-known partners, Transwide and inet, who brought their extensive industry knowledge to the Alpega TMS solution.  

Look beyond standard capabilities – valuable metrics are often hiding in plain sight    


“Shaping Transport Collaboration” isn’t just a motto for Alpega; it’s something each one of our clients' experiences from the very first stages of onboarding. In reviews and case studies, Alpega TMS users have praised the way our onboarding experts take the time to understand a client’s particular challenges and pain points, the better to configure an ideal solution. This quality is reflected in many of Alpega's Capterra reviews ("Customer service and setting up was awesome," and “Executives have been of great support during the implementation phase of the software,” to quote a few).   

Another important distinction of Alpega TMS is that our clients benefit from the full array of resources and knowledge of Alpega Group, which includes freight exchange services and other logistics tools. Our freight procurement solution, TenderEasy, provides a world-class tool for sourcing transportation providers; our freight exchanges, 123cargo, Teleroute and Wtransnet, are leading European marketplaces designed to match spot shipments and truck capacity.  

Regardless of your organization’s digital maturity, the complexity of your logistics processes, or your industry, Alpega TMS has a solution to fit your needs. And, importantly, with Alpega TMS you can always scale up or down.     

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Why take our word for it?  

You don’t have to.  


Customer insights and testimonials are a key resource for anyone assessing TMS solutions. In addition to what you'll find on Gartner Peer Insights and elsewhere, here’s a more detailed selection of what Alpega TMS customers have to say (quotes are taken directly from our clients):   


We can now offer a total of 25% more loading slots and at the same time reduce the workload in the central warehouse.

Nico Nürbchen
Director Group Logistics Management at Hartmann

The ability to quickly connect with all of our suppliers is my personal favorite - in the past we spent a great deal of time coordinating with all of the individual parties involved

Heiko Kayser
Head of Global Transportation & Containers at MAN

There are big savings in terms of reduction of complexity and the possibility that you really control your services. And you are able to build in the correct processes in order to have a good performance and competitive costs.

Strahil Ravaliev
Load Control Center Manager at Mondelez International

Learn more with our extensive TMS resources

Wherever you may be in your research journey, Alpega TMS wants to make it easy for you to learn more about our end-to-end TMS solution. We encourage you to check out The Ultimate TMS Guide – or reach out directly here.

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