From Spain to the world: Career Spotlight of Olga Alvarez (copy 2)

Meet Olga, our Communications & Events Manager, based in our Spain Office! She has experience in events management and corporate communication, working in different companies on these areas, before joining Alpega Group in 2015. At the moment, she is part of our Go-to-market team for Alpega FX (Freight Exchange), one of our group business brands.

Olga spends her days planning and executing communication strategies to ensure we have market presence. In this Q&A with her, we dived in into life in Barcelona, her contribution to WConnecta, one of our biggest external events, and what tips she shares for anyone wanting to be part of an international team, like at Alpega’s. Here’s what she had to say. 

Tell us a little bit about your background and what was your journey to Alpega Group?

Since I was at University, I have always wanted to dedicate myself to corporate communications. It became clear to me that I wanted to also specialize in events – since then, I’ve always worked in these areas for different companies, prior to joining Alpega.

When you are not at work, what we find you doing in your free time? 

It’s hard to find free time when you have two sons who are little, but one of my favorite hobbies is reading – so, whenever I have free time, you will find me with a book, magazine or a newspaper in my hands. I also try to practice yoga every day, and besides that, I love visiting and walking around cities from different countries.

You are based in Barcelona, the location of one of our 15 Alpega Offices. What is the best thing to do in Barcelona?

Barcelona is an incredible city, young, full of life, and always surprising you with new opportunities and options of all kinds. No matter what you like, you're sure to find it in this city. I love concerts, recitals, and any type of entertainment show: here, I have amazing possibilities and all kinds of programs to do. 

What is exactly a Communications & Events Manager?

Life as a Communications and Events Manager is very different from day to day. It’s a challenging role with different tasks to execute. At Alpega, I am in responsible of planning and executing the different actions related to advertising, media relations, interviews, producing content for articles and social networks, and corporate material, I work in collaboration with other companies and institutions… And of course, plan and organize all of the events necessary to the business. Events is something that when done right, they help businesses achieve their goals and ger results. You need to work on different projects according to the current challenges and priorities – my work enables me to sometimes go to the office or sometimes have business trips for meetings or events. It’s important to stay connected with different stakeholders to get the job done.

You work in the events of Alpega Group, namely the WConnecta event we have been promoting externally. What is your role in that?

WConnecta is a networking event that we organize for our Alpega FX clients. My role is to be responsible for the event, being present and controlling the strategy, action plan and results as well as in the organization and execution of the event. So far, It had had a positive impact on the company, as it is an event that enhances the transport sector and helps the community to generate new, safe, and trusted business opportunities among all stakeholders present. My role is clear, I try to improve the event year by year, and I work to ensure that the result is excellent and that the satisfaction of the participants is high

Why is the work we do at Alpega Group relevant for the planet and society in general?

Our work is inserted in a vitally important sector in society; by innovating, improving, and doing things well in the supply chain and in transport, we are helping the future of our planet with our business.

What makes you happy to work at Alpega?

I like working in a globally strategic sector, I really enjoy the international atmosphere of the company and the number of projects and initiatives we have, as well as the flexibility we have in working hours and location! We have a great diversity of profiles and nationalities, which enriches us as a team.

What is the piece of advice you would give to somebody looking to break into an international company like Alpega?

My advice would be: to come with an open mind to keep learning every day and with a strong desire to contribute to the company. Be aware of world trends, try to be empathetic with others and stay attentive to the real players in this sector. Most importantly, be enthusiastic about continuous improvement

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