What are our priorities for a sustainable future? (copy 1)

At Alpega, our solutions can make a real difference: our customers can be more efficient while promoting sustainable ways to drive their transportation and logistics businesses.

A company’s business activities may generate a lot of emissions throughout the corporate value chain, including transportation and distribution. Alpega’s solutions make it possible to measure and avoid emissions from transportation and provide carbon footprint reports for them.

Yes, our solutions can save our customers money, but today, environmental savings and impact are becoming more important and more visible. By working at Alpega, you are directly contributing to a product and solutions that enable our clients to save emission

How do our solutions let our clients save emissions?

Every truck that is fully loaded saves emissions.

Our Freight Exchanges (FX) solutions (Teleroute, 123cargo, wtransnet) help fill trucks, reducing the number of empty runs that trucks make – in Europe, about 40% of trucks run empty otherwise. Having fully loaded trucks also means fewer trucks on the road, reducing total CO2 emissions and traffic congestion.

Planning & optimization saves emissions

Our Transportation Management Systems (TMS) software offers features that help our clients reduce the kilometers driven – by optimizing their transport network. We also provide features that support planning and consolidating loads, reducing the number of partially filled trucks. Fewer kilometers driven and better utilization directly reduces emissions.

Moreover, through our range of solutions, we ensure that loading and unloading are better planned, so trucks do not have to wait around with their engines on while waiting for a free warehouse dock.

For employees, how do we work towards a more sustainable Alpega?

At Alpega, we have various initiatives that reduce our own carbon footprint day to day. We are still on the path to excel in ESG, but we encourage our employees to participate in this journey: their ideas help us become better, fulfilling our vision of driving smarter logistics for a greener tomorrow.

We are using green cloud service providers As a company, we work with our suppliers and partners to support us in keeping our CO2 footprint low and reducing e-waste. For example, we recently moved to an infrastructure provider who uses 100% renewable energy to power the data centers we use for our solutions.

We are rolling out a green company fleet

Our goal throughout our offices is to implement a green fleet, with fully electric cars as a priority. We have already launched our green car & mobility policy in Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands, followed by France and Germany. We support employees making this decision by providing internal content and webinars with relevant information for them.

We are a paperless company

We use electronic invoices, online tools, and electronic signatures to reduce the amount of paper used by our offices. When we do need paper, we opt for recycled paper wherever possible. 

We are working to reduce emissions on our business travel.

We work with partners to offset 100% of the emissions from our business travel. We avoid unnecessary travel and chose greener options like trains when possible.

Finally, we promote discussion and sharing of ideas among our employees, through our internal channels and internal events, to ensure they are informed about our efforts with customers and within the company!

If you would like to contribute and make a difference in a company that cares about sustainability – Alpega Group is for you. We are still paving the way and we need bright minds that want to change the world for the better

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