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[Translate to English US:] A new job, the same place: meet Nicolas d’Alberti!

A new job, the same place: meet Nicolas d’Alberti!

How Nicolas moved from our BAS Team to the Sales Team.

Let’s start at the beginning. What brought you to Alpega Group?

I joined back in January 2020, so I’ve been part of Alpega for almost three years. Before joining, I worked in a different sector – I didn’t know much about the transportation field. But a friend told me Alpega was looking for certain profiles, so I sent them my CV and then passed through the selection process, until being accepted.

When I started as a BAS (Business Assistant), we were a small team – we manage the relationship with our clients, handling their onboarding into our services and their day-to-day.

And when did you start thinking about doing something different?

Actually… since my first day!

I saw myself as a Sales person – I related to their eagerness and drive, and I get joy from communicating and convincing others while achieving my goals.

During the selection process, I was explained what would my job description be, but as I started, I realized I would like to transfer teams and bring my drive to sales. 

And what happened?

I was honest with my manager, Elisabet, and had a conversation with her and some other people in the company, about the possibility of changing teams.

At the time, it was not possible due to the needs of both departments, but I saw it as an opportunity – I had never been in the transportation sector, and being a BAS really gave me the knowledge I needed to feel confident in my current position.

Moreover, I believe that we should also prove to ourselves and others of our value, and that’s what I focused on – achieving my targets, learning a lot about the industry by being curious, and bringing value to the company. I stayed in that position for 1 year and 8 months.

Moving to the switch of positions… how did that happen?

As I said, being curious – and asking questions – was a focus of mine. So I asked around about what was needed to make the move, throughout my time in the company. Once a position opened in our Inside Sales Team, I had a call from our HR Business Partner in Spain, that asked me if I still wanted to make a move, because they knew it was something I wanted.

Doing this switch wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t had support from HR, my manager, and the manager of the team I was applying to.

And what was the process?

I had a conversation with my manager, who supported my move, even though she didn’t want to let me go of her team due to the good work we had done in the time since I joined. But one thing at Alpega is that we are all very human. She understood this would make me happy and I had worked for it, so she was also happy for me.

I had two internal interviews to talk a bit about my motivations for changing teams, and then the move happened. I felt energized, valued, and ready for a new challenge!

Was it hard to make the switch from teams and the type of pace required?

Not at all! I was excited and gave my 100% from the beginning because I really felt listened to. And I had 60 hours of training in Sales and a lot of technical support from my new manager, Vincent. It was important I would understand the right approach and sales technique to do my role.

And as a BAS, there were some skills I developed that I transferred to my Sales role.

And now? What does the future hold?

Well, I actually just started a new position, now in Field Sales. I could never be in a “boring” place, staying in the same position for 5 years in a row, I need to keep moving.

This is why you chose to stay at Alpega?

Yes! At Alpega we have people who have been doing the same for many years, and they are good at it. But there is also an opportunity for others to try new and different things – that energizes me.

I feel like here if I have something to say, they really listen. And I like to move and experiment while working hard. I showed my passion, resilience, and results, and was given room to grow. For me, that’s the most important.

Now that we’ve recapped your journey, do you have any advice you would like to leave people with?

Show your passion and commitment! If you want to move to other positions, first you need to show your skills and ways of working and create trust in your team and managers.

Always ask questions– who knows where your next opportunity will be?

And last, be proactive – this is not only important in sales, to achieve your targets, but for anyone in the job market. If you don’t ask, you will never know what you might be missing

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