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Reusable Packaging Management (RPM)

Without Reusable Packaging Management

  • Lack of visibility and control over reusable packaging
  • Manual management – inefficient, error-prone and a challenge for audit-compliance
  • High inventory holding costs
  • Dwindling stock due to late or incomplete packaging returns
  • Complex order fulfillment, especially if packaging is stored at multiple sites

With Reusable Packaging Management

  • Enhanced Visibility: Know the exact location of your packaging at all times, even in complex global networks
  • Streamlined Control: Access a single software platform for a coordinated control tower view, enabling better decision-making
  • Cost Reduction: Utilize reliable data for improved stock forecasting and cost reductions, while maintaining audit-ready records.
  • Accountability: Identify production partners responsible for late or incomplete packaging returns and apply appropriate charges.
  • Efficient Dispatch: Easily dispatch packaging orders to multiple fulfillment sites, ensuring timely deliveries.
  • Improved Customer Service: Provide your customers with better service, security, and quality, leading to increased satisfaction.

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Powering leaders in the automotive industry use our reusable packaging management

Discover how MAN used reusable packaging solutions to reduce packaging inventories and optimizes planning

Longtime client MAN uses Reusable Packaging Management at all of their European sites. Download the free case study to see the solution in action.


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Alpega is committed to sustainability, and our Reusable Packaging Management aligns with eco-friendly practices. Join the movement towards sustainable packaging solutions that benefit your business and the environment. Ready to Make RPM Your Transportation Strategy?

Smooth and swift integration, cloud-based implementation

No matter your existing services, IT landscape or ERP, our reusable packaging management solutions are built to integrate seamlessly, with no interruption to business continuity. Reusable Packaging Management, like all modules of Alpega TMS, is cloud-based, which means you avoid a costly IT implementation cycle.

Endlessly scalable

Our Reusable and returnable Packaging Solutions are available as a standalone module and as a part of Alpega’s end-to-end TMS. The solution is powerful alone; as a part of our TMS, it takes transportation planning and processes to new levels of optimization. Either way, you get endless scalability to ensure you’ll never outgrow the solution’s value.

Seamlessly updated

Industry knowledge, collaboration and technology let us deliver continually evolving solutions. Cloud-based updates are seamless and based on real feedback from clients. We’re always looking for the next way to improve.


What is the value of Alpega’s Reusable Packaging Management for your business?

Alpega RPM provides a single software platform to track and manage costly packaging assets. With a control tower view of reusable packaging, you can improve stock forecasting, reduce costs, and easily coordinate with production partners responsible for late or incomplete packaging returns. Reusable Packaging Management is also a sustainable solution, designed to drive circular economies.

Does Alpega’s packaging scheduling function operate on the “push/pull” principle?

Yes. With automated delivery rules, Alpega’s RPM “pushes” when scheduling demand and delegating orders. The solution applies the "pull" principle when users set up rules for packaging orders.

What are some of the key capabilities of Alpega’s Reusable Packaging Management solution?

Alpega’s RPM offers a single platform to manage packaging stock, packaging scheduling, serialized packaging, packaging fee settlement and packaging demand planning. The Reusable Packaging Management solution also streamlines processes such as document management, master data management and bundles management.

Is Reusable Packaging Management environmentally sustainable?

Yes. Alpega’s RPM is both environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. The solution can reduce GHGs, as it replaces the need for so much packaging material, energy and labor. Furthermore, since repeated use design implies more durable packaging, the Reusable Packaging Management solution reduces the risks of damaged and lost goods.  

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