Smart Booking: Book warehouse slots using real-time data-driven software

Cut costs, wait times and paperwork. Create better carrier relationships. All with smarter time slot management software.

The old way

  • Tedious and inefficient manual work
  • Lack of visibility on truck arrivals
  • Loads arrive at the wrong dock and need rerouting
  • Long wait times for carriers, degrading relationships
  • High transportation costs and demurrage fees

The Smart way

  • Know when trucks arrive and get real-time alerts for delays
  • Automatic assignment to the right dock for the right length of time, adding control over your site
  • Reduced wait times = better carrier relationships
  • Cost savings due to optimized processes and increased productivity

If it’s time to get smarter about your warehouse slot booking, get in touch about Smart Booking.


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“We have found a partner with particular expertise in time slot and carrier management. I can confirm that we realized a considerable efficiency boost… and exceptional cost benefits.”


Let your carriers book the perfect slot – here’s how

Smarter scheduling: Configurable rules based on goods types and other parameters determine how long a time slot should be.

Smarter communication: Goods arrive/depart, and if there’s a delay, stakeholders get an SMS notification. With reliable information flowing, shipper-carrier relationships bloom.

Smarter management: When your warehouse team isn’t scrambling to coordinate with carriers, it frees up hours to perform more valuable work. Plus, you can manage productivity based on real data, not hunches.

The bottom line: Smart Booking shrinks wait times, gets goods where they should be and gets you better information for personnel planning. Productivity gains, downtime reductions, managing for peaks and avoiding demurrage all add up to major cost savings. See what kind of bottom-line impact Smart Booking can deliver for your company.

Smooth and swift integration, cloud-based implementation

No matter your existing services, IT landscape or ERP, our solutions are built to integrate seamlessly, with no interruption to business continuity. Smart Booking, like all modules of Alpega TMS, is cloud-based, which means you avoid costly on-premise setup and maintenance efforts.

Endlessly scalable

Smart Booking is available as a standalone module and as a part of Alpega’s end-to-end TMS. The solution is powerful alone; as a part of our TMS, it takes transportation planning and processes to new levels of optimization. Either way, you get endless scalability to ensure you’ll never outgrow the solution’s value.

Seamlessly updated

Industry knowledge, collaboration and technology let us deliver continually evolving solutions. Cloud-based updates are frequent, seamless and based on real feedback from clients. We’re always looking for the next way to improve.

Our dedicated customer success team is on-hand to answer any implementation and integration questions you may have.

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