How to protect your logistics network against volatility

In the first quarter of 2021, Alpega TMS partnered with Raconteur for a panel discussion with logistics experts from diverse industries. Their aim was to answer the question of how to build resilience and mitigate risk in logistics networks. The results offer a rare glimpse into the future of transportation management.  

During the roundtable discussion, Alpega Group CEO Todd DeLaughter offered his insights on supply chain resilience and related topics.  

"The pandemic has stressed supply chains everywhere this past year,” stated DeLaughter. “But it is rewarding to see supply chain organizations moving into a more strategic role, with visibility at the highest levels in all companies, and this has been a consistent theme from all the panelists. Transportation management is one of the areas where we can help supply chains digitally transform companies, adding flexibility, saving time and money, and reducing the carbon footprint.” 
The full series of discussions are now available as on-demand videos, each about 20 minutes in length.   

Roundtable Part 1 

Roundtable Part 2 

Roundtable Part 3 
Furthermore, the roundtable discussion is featured in the full report "Procurement & Supply Chain Innovation,” first published by Raconteur in The Times and now available for download on our website.  

If you're looking for ways to build resilience in your supply chain, a conversation with one of Alpega TMS's dedicated experts is a great place to start. Please don't hesitate to get in touch

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