The inet Container Management Solution has a new UI

As part of inet’s latest release, the inet Container Management solution presents a redesigned user interface, aligned with the previously launched Transportation Management UI.

2002, January 20, 11 am CET: the first stock of euro-pallets was taken in the brand-new Container Management (CM) solution that inet had just developed for one its most important customers. From the moment of this very fist booking, 17 years of continuous improvements, innovations and loyal customers followed making it a proven product, which now proudly enters the next level of user experience.

Looking back

In 2001 one of our customers, a global leading transport and logistics solution provider, needed to gain more visibility into the cycle of their euro-pallets: “They came to us and asked if we could develop a software solution for them”, remembers Michael Böckle, VP of Sales at inet. By that time, Böckle was a product manager at inet. After a thorough research of the market, he discovered the potential of this kind of software. Together with a team of developers he thus proceeded to sketch, develop and implement the solution.

Since then, the CM solution has been a strategic product for inet. 2004 marked yet another milestone as the first integrated Transportation Management and Container Management solution was rolled-out for an automotive customer. Several loyal OEMs and 1st tier suppliers joined over the course of the following years continuously enlarging the CM client base.

Time for a change

In alignment with our 2019 roadmap and our user-centric development process, we proudly present the redesigned UI of CM. The new user interface has a modern design, emphasizes simplicity and has various features in place to improve the usability, e.g. with fixed headers of tables while scrolling. Future features and improvements from the standard CM solution will be primarily based on the look and feel of the new user interface.

Don't be surprised when you login, because with 19.1 all users, who log in the inet CM will see a new login screen adapted to our new branding. This does not apply for users that login via a portal or the inet SE domain. For optimal presentation of content in the user interface (old and existing) we recommend to use a screen resolution of 1280x800, i.e. minimal recommended screen resolution, or higher.


In order to make the transition phase from the old to the new UI as easy as possible we provide the opportunity for each user to individually decide if he or she would like to use the old or new UI. A specially developed user right functionality allows each user owning the appropriate right to switch between the designs at any time by simply clicking on a button in the application.

Looking ahead

The Container Management solution roadmap includes functionalities that will deliver great value to our new and existing customers. The prioritization of those functionalities was based on the feedback of our users on their needs and preferred platforms to work with.

To enjoy the benefits of the new user interface, please contact your customer squad for consultation.

Want to know more about how to succeed in container management? Our container management experts Christoph Rebenklauber and Christof Bitschnau talked about how a CM solution can help you.

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