Release 19.2 - many improvements and a webinar

We are excited to present our latest release, packed with innovations in inet’s solutions and introducing a series of customer-centric webinars presented by the Product Management team.

Starting with the 19.2 release, inet’s Product Management team will offer our customers a quarterly product update. The webinars will take place after each release, and the attendees will have the chance to get firsthand information on the new features, the planned roadmap and directly ask questions to our product managers. We look forward to engaging back with our users, as we did in the first webinar on June 26, 2019. In terms of functionalities, these are the highlight of the latest release:

Transportation Management

With the feature "Filter Templates for all Filters" in 19.1 release, every user can now create their own filter templates. For Scheduling and Loadinglist/EDI now global filter templates per scheduling pool can be created. This allows to provide the same template for a group of users. The template list dropdown box now shows the global as well as the user specific templates.

To make filter templates available to all filters, the template dropdown replaced the scheduling pool dropdown. But the process to move transport orders or loads to another scheduling pool is just reversed. Instead of selecting the scheduling pool first you use the button “move selected transport orders/loads into another scheduling pool” to initiate the process. A dialog is displayed where you can select the scheduling pool you want the orders moved to.

The TM system integration capabilities were another important focus during the last months, resulting in a new standard interface and APIs.

Container Management Solution

Stock accuracy is one of the keys to an optimal reusable packaging cycle, that’s why we implemented our new in-transit container stock management functionality. To picture it with an example: Containers which are currently being transported are carried on a dedicated transit account until they arrive at the destination. With the deployment of the new tab “Routings”, those shipments can be viewed in a consolidated way that:

  • Shows all inbound and outbound shipments with relevant dates, e.g. estimated date of arrival, to facilitate planning,
  • Combines source and target despite the intermediate transit account
  • Illustrates all subordinate booking steps, e.g. source account – transit account.

Moreover, various search criteria facilitate the analysis, making it possible to confirm the arrival of inbound shipments and if needed cancel outbound shipments. Finally, by providing links on level of the involved IDs it is possible to change swiftly between the tab movements and the tab cockpit.

In our previous release we introduced a new user interface for the Container Management Solution. With this release, several improvements were developed which range from optimized display of content to measures ensuring consistency within and among different screens.

Mobile Solutions: iTrace

One of the most useful new functionalities of iTrace is the brand new multilanguage support. Apart from already existing English, German and Chinese, the new languages that will be available are: French, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, Latvian, Estonian, Turkish, Serbian and Croatian.

Another new standard functionality gives users the possibility to link and monitor active loads between our Transportation management and iTrace solutions. Scheduler, carrier and hub users will have access to the information in the TM loading list whether a load is connected by an iTrace user in order to take necessary actions. This can provide an early warning about potential problems that may turn into delays.

Starting with this release, it will be possible to see the information of the user's real-time location on a map. The new button "Show user's real-time location" was added to the map page, to bring the view on the user's location.

We keep up the pace when it comes to improvements in iTrace’s user interface and conversational platforms. After the implementation of the iTrace Messenger as a chat bot in 19.1 release, with this release some enhancements have been done to the iTracebot.

Shaping the future of the inet TMS

The developing process already started for our next release, planned for September. As part of our agile development processes, we keep updating our roadmap quarterly, to reflect our customers’ feedback as well as market demands and trends in our planned features and product direction.

If you are already using the inet-TMS you can check your Jira dashboard for change requests, support issues and technical details please. And you can always contact your logistics consultant if you have any questions or if you are interested in the features recently released.

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