Alpega enhanced by leading planning software

The integrated logistics software 4flow vista® for transportation planning and optimization enables cost reduction, visibility and automation and strengthens the portfolio of the Alpega Group from now on.

In keeping with the "creating a collaborative world" vision, inet-logistics constantly strives to nurture and expand its partnerships. The best example of this is the collaboration with 4flow, which has been in existence since 2003. In the course of the partnership groundbreaking products were developed, award-winning solutions implemented and numerous global customers have been won together, such as Magna, Lear, AGCO, Volvo Cars and Robert Bosch.

Transport cost reduction of 20%

The Berlin-based company 4flow optimizes medium and long-term transportation needs and transportation networks with its leading planning software and determines the best transportation modes, network structures and routes. The seamless integration of the 4flow planning software with the inet TMS provides significant added value. Since the web-based inet TMS provides up-to-date data on transportation orders in real-time, it can be verified daily whether the best transport prices are achieved, the right transport service providers and routes selected, and how loads are formed as efficiently as possible.

As a result, quick reactions to fluctuations in order volumes, new network points, products and changes in transport costs are facilitated. The transparency of the cost and material flows in one’s own network allows for better decisions, ongoing optimization of the network and higher levels of automation. In addition, the comprehensive database forms the basis for valuable reports, real-time visibility, as well as simulations and forecasts. This ensures a sustainable transport cost reduction of on average 20% as well as a reliable supply of customers and plants.


Next level collaboration

With the acquisition of the rights to the 4flow vista® planning software, inet now offers a seamlessly integrated transportation management system comprising planning, tendering, execution as well as Sophisticated Analytics. In addition, inet and 4flow will continue to expand joint product development in the future, thus also increasing the implementation power and planning capabilities of the Alpega Group.

About Alpega

Alpega was founded in 2017 and offers end-to-end solutions for all transport needs. The majority of the group is held by funds managed by Castik Capital. The recent purchase of the rights to the 4flow planning software complements the Group's portfolio with fifteen years of planning expertise and leading transportation planning software. Alpega's product range also includes the Transport Management Systems (TMS) Transwide, inet TMS and TAS-tms, the freight exchanges Teleroute, BursaTransport and 123Cargo, as well as the TenderEasy freight procurement platform.

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