Alpega Group Supports the Transport Industry during COVID-19 Pandemic

Over the past weeks, COVID-19 has affected the world in ways we could have hardly imagined.

Enforced lockdowns and restrictions on businesses have strongly impacted our economies and industries. And this is no different for the transport and logistics sector, that is facing one of its most challenging periods ever.

Tight deadlines, increased pressure from society and unreliable demand forecasts are putting the capacity of the transport industry to the test.

At Alpega Group, we are joining the wave of solidarity by significantly enlarging our transport community with temporary measures to contribute to overcoming the logistics challenges posed by COVID-19. We know that keeping supply chains running smoothly matters more than even to win this battle and we are ready to help.

To do so, we have launched several initiatives to support the transportation industry. This way, anyone who is struggling with uncertainty and keeps fighting day by day to guarantee the flow of goods can rely on us.

And what exactly are we doing to help?

Free access to Teleroute Freight Exchange

In normal times, more than 200,000 daily freight and vehicle offers are posted on Teleroute. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a drastic increase in the volume of goods required in sectors like pharma and retail, resulting in a higher need for carriers to ensure coverage of basic needs of our society.

To support the transport of essential goods, we have decided to offer free access to new joiners until the end of June and without any contractual obligation to prolong.

The increasing number of carriers offering their services in Teleroute during this crucial period thanks to this initiative does not impact the security and guarantees offered by the platform. Securing the safety and high quality of our freight exchange and our transport offerings remains a number one priority for us.

For more information, have a look here.

Alpega TMS Smart Booking: Free implementation to manage the chaos at warehouse docks
Supply chain managers are confronting hurdles getting inbound materials ready for production and outbound shipments sent out to where they are most needed. Alpega TMS wants to help shippers get better equipped to manage the chaos by offering easier access to our Smart Booking time slot management tool.

Smart Booking helps shippers optimize the loading and unloading times in docks, reducing time wasted and improving communication between them and carriers arriving at their facilities.
Before the end of May, we are offering a first free implementation of our Smart Booking web – which includes 1 site, 3 carriers onboarded - and the first month of transactions on Smart Booking for free.

TenderEasy Spot Bidding: Free for existing TenderEasy customers

We understand that TenderEasy’s customers might be sourcing from new suppliers or struggling to find capacity with contracted carriers on new lanes. So we have decided to make our Spot Request functionality available to all TenderEasy customers, at no cost for the first 30 days.
TenderEasy’s spot tool was created to give shippers the flexibility they need to find the right carrier at the right time, for specific shipments. They select the place of origin and the destination, type of transport, type of goods and timeline, and then invite selected carriers. Then the reverse auction starts and the system does the rest. Once the bidding time has ended, the shipper can select the preferred carrier and book their services in just a couple of clicks. The system keeps track of everything, so they can use this data in their next tender.

More info? Talk to one of our experts.

Spread the message with those who can benefit from these initiatives, and from all of us at Alpega, thank you for keeping our society running!


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