inet joins Blockchain in Transport Alliance

BiTA’s mission is to develop standards and frameworks, connect thought leaders and promote education on the technology in the logistics industry. We look forward to promising, disruptive use cases.

Use cases in logistics

Blockchain represents a compelling disruptive technology for traditional supply chain and logistics software vendors. The opportunities for collaborative consensus-based processes map directly to many of the use cases that define this market today. For instance:

  • Identity Management for people and objects
  • Transactional provenance, or the immutable validation of events in Supply Chain, like Proof of Pickup and Proof of Delivery
  • Tracking of assets, like shipping containers, as they move through networks and ports

To leverage use cases into profitable business cases will require clear standards for data exchange and network topologies.

BiTA on the move

This is why in 2017 BiTA was founded by experienced technology and transportation experts in order to understand, explore, engage and experiment with the Blockchain technology for the logistics industry. Their primary goal is to promote the technology, connect and enable thought leaders and foster the development of standards. To do so they organize events, provide a platform for dialogue and discussion panels and act as central clearing house for any standards that emerge.

inet in the midst

As part of the Alpega group, inet is particularly interested in how decentralization standards and techniques can leverage the development and functionality of large carrier networks and workflow processes. Frank Blau, Data Architect at inet and Blockchain Enthusiast even goes so far as to say: “Blockchain technology today is analogous to where we were with the Internet 25 years ago. inet is engaged with meeting the challenges of understanding and implementing Blockchain within existing and future product strategies.”

Future collaboration

We look forward to pushing this powerful technology for the supply chain platforms of the future and so is BiTA president Chris Burrus: „ I am excited to welcome inet-logistics to the BiTA community. Their expertise with integrated transportation data and transportation analytics will be invaluable to BiTA as we tackle Blockchain standards in the supply chain."

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