Seven top blog posts from 2019

The past 12 months saw plenty of big changes in the transportation industry.

Digitalization is always an important topic, not to mention sustainability which continues to rocket up the priority list for companies and consumers. 

In this post, we bring together some of the most popular posts from 2019.

Enjoy and all the best for 2020!

  • B2C vs B2B transportation in retail – Lessons from both sides
    We all know B2C retail is going through a turbulent time, but what does that mean for shippers?
  • Digitalization in the paper and packaging industry
    A look at how leading companies are tackling transportation challenges in the sector.
  • Sustainability - challenges and opportunities for the freight industry
    In the future, the focus on sustainability will only continue to increase. The better the visibility and  awareness on all sides, customers, shippers and suppliers, the more quickly the industry will adapt.
  • What market trends are shippers most excited by?
    Each year we ask businesses which emerging trends in the transport industry they’re most interested in. In this edition we hear what shippers have to say…
  • Managing Brexit: What shippers can do
    Boris Johnson’s comprehensive victory means Brexit is more likely than ever, but much of what we suggested back in April is still relevant.
  • Our product team explains how Slot Booking got smarter
    Ashton Goonting, product manager at Alpega, talks through our newest module: Smart Booking.
  • Cheap or fast and reliable? Why you don’t just have to choose one
    Picking the right carrier can be complicated, but how far should you compromise?

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