The importance of supply chain visibility Part Two

Real-time visibility is more than just knowing what’s going on. It’s the basis for understanding what can be improved and how to improve it. It allows businesses to optimise processes, mitigate risks and provide a greater level of customer service.

These are just some of the reasons, that see transparency consistently features in the ‘most wanted’ lists for heads of supply chain and logistics management.   

In part two of our interview with Nele Campaert, product manager at Alpega, she shares her insight into designing Live Tracking and future developments. 

What were the challenges of developing this product? 

Creating a user friendly platform for all the involved parties was challenging, but we’ve got a great development and UX team who worked hard to get that right. We really wanted Live Tracking to be as easy to use and accessible as possible. We also uniquely integrate with more than 450 different telematics providers and that’s about 80% of the European market. We’re working hard to get to 100%! 

And I mentioned it before, but sensitivity around data was a concern that we had to address early on. Not everyone is comfortable being tracked and it’s understandable, so we had to be really clear about what and why we track and of course, ensure the security is top notch. 

What features are you most excited about for the future? 

Our data collection and analysis capabilities get better every day and I’m excited to see just how many opportunities we’ll be able to uncover in the future. We’ll need less and less manual input and supply chains will be able to evolve in real time. 

For example, Live Tracking uses a complex algorithm to provide a dynamic ETA. It takes into consideration factors such as traffic, road accidents, weather, historical traffic data and European driving and resting regulations and more. Based on this, it is able to provide an accurate ETA and work out the fastest possible route. 

This year we’ll also be rolling out Live Tracking in the USA and that’ll be a lot of work and fun! 

Want to find out more about Live Tracking? Check out Nele’s webinar, hosted by Martin Lofvers, CEO of Supply Chain Media. 

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