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The importance of Green logistics

Choose the right solutions for sustainable transportation

The transport sector is among the most prone to GHG emissions. By the nature of its industry, it is bound to be frown upon as one of the most polluting sectors; in fact it is the second largest source of emissions in the EU. However, nowadays, being environmentally conscious is a must and at every company’s reach. At Alpega, we believe it is our duty to work internally, as well as with our partners and clients, to set and achieve sustainability goals and to reduce GHG emissions.

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Sustainability is at the core of what we do.

Enshrined in our North Star, this operating principle informs our everyday decisions and products we bring to market. It is woven into the DNA of all Alpega teams as we work together with you to make a collective difference in our world.

Alpega and your sustainable supply chain

Increase efficiency. Reduce emissions. Build a green supply chain

At Alpega, we believe that every step of your logistics process should be made with a sustainability goal in mind in order to build a resilient, efficient and sustainable supply chain. Our different services and solutions come together in a collaborative manner and are designed to play their part at each different stage of your logistics process. They support corporate sustainability initiatives through more efficient load and route planning, procuring alternate or additional modes of transportation (i.e. rail vs road), monitoring GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions, and managing reusable transport packaging assets. Leveraging these technologies can help you achieve your sustainability targets.

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Green logistics

How can Alpega TMS help you achieve it?

Alpega TMS is an end-to-end transportation management solution that tackles logistics processes to enhance their efficiency and unlock full supply chain visibility and control for optimum performance. In making your logistics processes more efficient, you directly reduce your fuel consumption, empty runs and thus your emissions.

Network optimisation

Our solutions connect all logistics stakeholders

Strategic Sourcing

Eliminate empty kilometers through collaboration


Plan better and shorter routes for lower fuel consumption

Shipment Execution

Consolidate more per shipment

Monitor GHG emissions

Reduce your carbon footprint
in every step of your logistics process

Implementing sustainable supply chain management

Being green is a win-win

Supply chains are growing in complexity while customer demands are decreasing in size but becoming more frequent, leading to more shipments with fewer capacity. Improving your transportation operations is one of the best ways to, not only increase your company’s profitability and considerably reduce cost, but also and foremost to create a positive impact on your company’s environmental footprint. In doing so, You gain operational efficiency and a competitive advantage while lowering your GHG emissions .

Our TMS has facilitated and enhanced the daily activities of many of our clients while helping them reaching their sustainability goals

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