TenderEasy: Automate and optimize freight procurement

Eliminate the manual work in RFQs, and ensure you always get the best deal with TenderEasy freight procurement software.


Top companies rely on TenderEasy for smoother freight tendering

”We finished our freight tendering process three weeks earlier than usual, and we even performed
three rounds instead of the two we usually have time for!”

Petra Åkerblom

Manager Logistics Procurement at Pernod Ricard

TenderEasy saves time and money throughout the freight procurement process

Freight procurement

| Set up tenders across land, air or sea with just a few clicks.

| Build more accurate RFQs, exchange feedback with carriers and improve relationships.

| Say goodbye to tedious administrative work in Excel, manually inputting data.

| Unlock reliable data on rates and volumes.

| Run advanced scenarios for different bids – know how your rates stack up against the market.

Spot request

| Set up spot requests for land, air or sea – in seconds.

| Get accurate rates and volumes data, run scenarios and easily communicate your needs to carriers.

| Reduce manual work, saving crucial time in the spot request process.

| Get started in 24 hours.

Contract management

| Access all rates and contracts in one central database.

| Manage rate updates with ease.

| Flexible adjustments of pricing components.

| Use reliable data to trace rates.

These capabilities empower TenderEasy’s clients to take control of freight procurement,
streamline the RFQ process, improve carrier communication and get better rates

What kind of time- and cost-savings can TenderEasy unlock for you?

See how Puma stays Forever Faster with TenderEasy

Puma called on TenderEasy to help them ditch Excel and harmonize their freight procurement.
See the results in this free success story.


Quick implementation as a standalone solution or part of Alpega TMS

You can implement TenderEasy as a standalone solution or, if you’re using Alpega TMS, as an added module. Either way, you get the benefits of smoother freight procurement and interruption-free SaaS implementation. Speedy implementations are our specialty: spot request clients, for instance, can get started in 24 hours. Ready to make it happen?


Go green with sustainable freight procurement

TenderEasy can build in RFQ parameters to help you lower CO2 emissions and reach sustainability goals. Northvolt, manufacturer of the world’s greenest battery, discusses the value of TenderEasy’s solution for their sustainability goals in this free webinar.



Find out why TenderEasy is the best solution in the industry.


Automate your freight tendering processes. Cut costs, gain time and efficiency with TenderEasy.

Quick implementation as a standalone solution or part of Alpega TMS.

With over 30 years of industry expertise, our teams help you build better RFQs by streamlining processes and benchmarking data.

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