Cloud-based solutions

Advantages of a cloud-based TMS

A cloud-based TMS is a solution fully stored and available in the cloud and accessible from any location with an internet connection. This way, information is continuously logged in between access points and the cloud itself.

Cloud-based TMS solutions are nowadays the most common ones and are fast becoming the standard in the TMS market. Their benefits are well-established and include:

  • Easy access for users: from any location with internet and accessible via different devices
  • Easier customization based on individual users’ preferences
  • Real-time information updates ensuring all users have access to the latest data
  • Quicker implementation of TMS solutions and lower costs as they do not need any additional hardware (providing more significant opportunities to smaller businesses that otherwise cannot afford the initial expenses)
  • Easier and more secure deployments, which translates into more effortless scalability
  • API and EDI possibilities to enable integrations with other software used in the business and with legacy systems. TMS solutions often are seen as part of a suite of supply chain management tools.
  • Data storage capacity: unlimited space to store your data, with the possibility to upgrade for more space when needed

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