Accelerate transport and logistic excellence with Alpega TMS for SAP S/4HANA

When basic TM functions are not enough and the extra functionalities are missing for a truly efficient supply chain, it's time for Alpega TMS. Focus on your migration and let us do better for less!

  • Kem One has decided to implement the Alpega TMS platform and connect it with our ERP SAP to have a centralized way of managing all the processes. Also, we have decided to go a bit further on because we wanted to have extra visibility on all transport orders, and this is why we have both: this integration with SAP and the Alpega TMS platform that allows us to have a global view on all the transportation orders 

Maxime Duprez, CIO chez KEM ONE

Time to master your transportation processes with Alpega TMS

The mandatory migration to SAP S/4HANA by 2027 will make new and better use of the cloud and accelerate digital transformation. However, SAP’s TM solution does not solve some key issues that need a more targeted logistics approach and does not provide enough advanced functionalities.

Do more with your resources, unlock visibility and achieve greater results with Alpega TMS, the proven Transport Management Solution that can single-handedly manage all your transportation activities at a highly competitive license and implementation budget.

Migration to S/4HANA is a long and endearing process, but your supply chain doesn’t have to suffer nor wait in this development to achieve its full potential and become resilient.

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A game changer

Alpega TMS for SAP

Part of the SAP PartnerEdge-Build program, Alpega TMS is recognized by SAP as a value-added solution, providing significant benefits to its clients. Designed for the digital age, Alpega TMS uses the latest technologies and advanced analytics to help you make better decisions, faster.

Alpega TMS is a cloud platform that can be integrated in your current SAP and roll easily into SAP S/4HANA as you migrate. Our solution gives you the same functionality as the alternative SAP TM solution but with considerable advantages, filling in the gaps in your supply chain management while keeping all the benefits of your current SAP setup.

Less costly alternative

Easier to use

Faster implementation

30+ years’ experience

Fully integrated with SAP

Rapid ROI

100% implementation success rate

Fully recognized by Gartner

Alpega TMS for your digital transformation

Alpega TMS is the preferred Transportation Management System in Europe and the only truly European leading TMS Provider.

Our 30+ years of experience have made Alpega TMS a best-in-class Transportation Management System that manages all aspects of transportation processes including planning and optimization, freight tendering (TenderEasy) and dock scheduling (Smart Booking). Its strategic collaborative platform integrates seamlessly in your existing landscape to manage your transportation processes and enhance service levels, reduce costs, optimize efficiency, achieve sustainability goals and categorically enhance your customers’ satisfaction.

Alpega TMS is built for you, to accompany you and keep you one step ahead, giving you full visibility to improve your response to any disruption in real-time and to turn your supply chain from reactive to proactive.

Control your logistics with the TMS recognized by Gartner

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