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Transport Analytics and Reporting Software

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Supplier evaluation and data-driven success

Alpega’s Analytics suite uses visual reports covering major transport metrics to deliver a detailed view of performance, freight costs and individual carrier score cards. Our performance reporting software puts actionable insights into your hands to make faster, smarter, data-driven business decisions.

You can analyze historical data to take corrective measures and improve customer service, but the real value comes from thinking holistically. Use Alpega’s Analytics suite to quickly evolve and gain strategic and operational control over your transportation performance.

Automated workflows collect data automatically and feed into more advanced processes for better execution and increased visibility. This data insight and deep integration leads to faster invoice processing, a reduction of buffer inventory, a centralized logistics function and increased performance visibility based on standardized, automated workflows.

Alpega Analytics will help you:

  • Save money through better contract compliance, faster invoice processing, lower inventory costs
  • Save time through automated workflows and smarter, standardized procurement
  • Improve service through detailed views of performance and scorecards
  • Make smarter decisions through better visibility of your performance and your partners’

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The most successful companies are able to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. They seize opportunities when they present themselves and are always one step ahead of the competition. That’s because they’re data driven. By collecting, analyzing and acting on historical data, benchmarking market prices and digitalizing the RFQ process, businesses are able to drive real value and stop wasting time in Excel.

Data gives your business the ability to analyze and identify new opportunities

But data is only half the story: turning information into actionable intelligence demands insight if you are going to outperform the competition.

Operational excellence is characterized by metrics such as:

  • The acceptance rate of loads per carrier
  • Transport order rejections by lane
  • The average fill rate of trucks
  • On time in full delivery performance
  • Carrier punctuality
  • Loading team efficiency
  • The capacity to handle increased load volumes
  • Effective supplier evaluation

These metrics are reflected financially. This starts with recognizing the actual transport spend vs budget. However, financial analytics can be taken much deeper, looking at the annual spend per lane, the percentage of transport costs taken up by fuel surcharges or annual carrier accessorial fees.

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