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Building a successful transportation network requires an analytical and flexible approach to transport planning and management. 

Three key elements need to be taken into consideration:

  • Long-term, strategic optimization measures, including analyzing your network and facility locations
  • Mid-term tactical optimization of routes and modes
  • Daily operational optimization of shipments and routes to fine tune your operations

Alpega’s transportation planning software was designed to achieve all three. Our solution employs rule-based planning and dynamically adapts to changes, such as transportation costs, routes, capacity, but also delivery and pickup restrictions.

Plan your transportation logistics and networks based on current and future requirements

When it comes to designing supply chains the most important element is the holistic planning of your complete logistics network and associated infrastructure. By leveraging historical and forecast transportation data, Alpega’s logistics planning software determines the best way to spread costs and capacity throughout your network. Shipments can be bundled, strategies optimized, costs and service time reduced and asset utilization increased.

Adjust and optimize utilization and costs

The ever-increasing pace of global trade means long-term planning often fails to leverage mid-term opportunities, such as those presented by a change in routes or supply chain partners. Alpega’s planning and execution software provides the agility businesses need to react to changing market conditions, while working towards long-term and strategic goals. This offers businesses the freedom to factor in new players or routes into their tactical planning and assess their impact and cost-saving potential overall.

Plan shipments and optimize fleet assets with tactical planning

Daily optimization of shipments and asset utilization is vital and includes the selection of optimal transportation services and the bundling of individual shipments. In addition, short-term changes in transportation demand need to be handled in the most cost-efficient and sustainable way. Alpega’s logistics software includes a 3D load planning feature, which enriches operational and tactical planning via a 3D visualization and supports the planning workflow.

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The most successful companies are able to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. They seize opportunities when they present themselves and are always one step ahead of the competition. That’s because they continously optimize their transportation networks.

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Why is transport planning an important aspect of efficient freight management?

Transport planning is how companies model and run scenarios based on their unique transport requirements. The aim of these activities is to develop transport networks and processes that are more secure, efficient, environmentally sustainable and/or resilient. By using digital transport planning solutions, companies can better prepare for changes in transportation costs, routes, capacity, and network interruptions.  

How can better transport planning help companies achieve ESG goals?

Digital solutions for transport planning, such as Alpega TMS, help companies model scenarios where their transportation emits less CO2. Companies can then plan route optimizations based on specific goals for environmental sustainability. This activity not only contributes to ESG goals but saves costs as well.

How can Alpega’s transport planning software help you build a successful transportation network?

With Alpega TMS, you can plan your transportation logistics and networks based on current and future requirements; adjust and optimize based on cost and other parameters; and optimize fleet assets with tactical planning.  All these activities contribute to building a successful transportation network. Furthermore, Alpega’s transportation planning capabilities are fueled by reliable data from your company’s existing transportation network, resulting in more accurate scenarios.

How can improved transport planning help manage complex transportation networks?

Alpega’s transport planning software lets companies gain end-to-end visibility over their entire transportation network. This is especially valuable for complex networks, as these present greater opportunities for transport optimization. For example, data-driven insights on routes and locations drive cost-saving decisions. To learn more about short- and long-term optimization measures Alpega TMS can deliver, please contact us.

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