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Wtransnet is the leading freight exchange in Spain and Portugal with a growing footprint in countries such as Italy, France and Germany. Learn more!

Terrassa (Spain) / Brussels / Luxembourg, 28 August 2018

Wtransnet is the leading freight exchange in Spain and Portugal with a growing footprint in countries such as Italy, France and Germany. Wtransnet is owned by Wotrant SL, founded in 1996 and headquartered in Terrassa, Spain. Wotrant has shown attractive growth in the past and created an appealing product that is used by more than 11,500 customers. Wtransnet differentiates itself from its competitors with a strong focus on ensuring trust between users of the platform, for example by thoroughly screening any new carrier and offering insurance for collection of the transport invoice.

Alpega’s freight exchanges Teleroute, Bursa and 123cargo focus on other geographic areas such as France, Benelux and Romania. The combination with Wtransnet promises an increase of the liquidity in terms of shipments and trucks for all freight exchanges in the Group. This will improve the value proposition to customers who will be able to access a wider market in the future. It is envisaged that all freight exchange brands in the Group, including Wtransnet, continue to operate in the market with different geographical focus areas.

With the addition of Wtransnet, Alpega is growing its carrier network to significantly more than 70,000 transport professionals across Europe which provides for a strong value-add to its customers.

Jaume Esteve, CEO of Wtransnet: “After 22 years having worked on building the safest transport community in Europe, it is time to provide our customers with even more business opportunities. The acquisition will enable us to extend our network of logistics operators and transport companies throughout Europe”.

Fabrice Maquignon, CEO of Alpega NV: “The management of Alpega is grateful to partner with Wotrant. This is an exciting strategic addition to the group which allows us to provide more value to the customers, introduce new services and accelerate the investment in the next generation of freight exchanges”.

With this acquisition being completed, Alpega intends to continue its investments in innovating freight exchange products to further improve their attractiveness to customers by adding functionalities allowing for more convenience and higher efficiency in the daily use of the products.

About Alpega

The Alpega Group is a leading global logistics software company offering end-to-end solutions that cover all transportation needs, including Transport Management Systems (TMS) and Freight Exchanges.

The Transport Management Systems (TMS) software solutions – inet, Transwide and TAS – connect companies to a broad network of logistics providers and digitise their complex supply chain management. These systems provide live visibility of incoming and outgoing logistics and seamlessly link truck drivers and logistics providers with shippers. The four freight exchanges – Teleroute, Wtransnet, Bursa and 123cargo – serve as marketplaces for matching spot shipments and capacities. TenderEasy, for its part, allows shippers to easily send e-tenders to the carrier community.  All of the above solutions can be combined to create more added value for customers.

Our user community is electronically connected every day to successfully manage critical transport processes.

Alpega is present in 80 countries worldwide and employs over 500 people with 31 different nationalities.

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