Alpega TMS helped clients overcome the supply chain challenges of 2021 – and grew as a result

Get a recap of Alpega TMS's performance in 2021.

3 January 2022 – Vienna – Alpega TMS, Europe’s leading transportation management system, experienced a year of rapid growth in 2021 as a direct result of providing solutions to the year’s greatest challenges for transportation and logistics.

Aiding the COVID-19 vaccine rollout 

Top global pharmaceutical companies rely on Alpega TMS to manage and optimize complex transportation networks. One of these companies depended on Alpega’s SaaS solutions for transportation management in order to produce COVID-19 vaccines at record speed. Alpega TMS’s role in the global COVID-19 vaccine rollout exemplifies how operational excellence in transportation and logistics can aid human health. For more information on how Alpega TMS builds resilient supply chains for the pharmaceutical industry, download the ebook ‘Future-proofing the pharmaceutical supply chain.’

Serving automotive industry supply chains at a crucial moment  

From chip shortages to production delays, the automotive industry has faced myriad supply chain challenges in the past year. Alpega TMS helped build supply chain resilience for this industry vertical in several ways. Our automotive industry clients, such as BMW Group, MAN, KTM and others, relied on the planning and optimization capabilities of Alpega TMS to predict and avoid supply chain disruptions. Furthermore, clients and clients-to-be benefitted from Alpega TMS’s thought leadership on automotive logistics, such as ‘Active transportation management in the automotive industry,’ which offers guidance for optimizing automotive supply chains.

Strengthening real-time visibility partnerships for client success 

Collaboration is crucial for successful transportation management. This year Alpega TMS strengthened collaborative partnerships with real-time visibility solution providers, namely project44 and Shippeo. Both partners collaborated with Alpega TMS in webinars about the value of real-time visibility and its proven benefits for companies. Alpega TMS also released on-demand recordings of the project44 webinar and the Shippeo webinar.

Supporting clients in the fight against climate change  

This year, Alpega TMS helped sustainability-focused companies reduce empty miles and lower greenhouse gas emissions. In light of 2021’s IPCC ‘Code Red’ report and the COP26 conference, these actions have never been more crucial. Beyond the many ways that Alpega TMS helps companies achieve their ESG goals, 2021 also saw Alpega TMS experts offering guidance to the market in the form of webinars on sustainable freight procurement and a blog on reducing CO2 emissions.

Uniting trusted transportation solutions under one brand 

This year, Alpega TMS leveraged the expertise of formerly independent transportation management solutions. This bolstered Alpega’s end-to-end transportation suite, while continuing to provide the highest service levels to legacy clients. Alpega TMS brings together inet and Transwide, the better to provide solutions for transportation networks of all levels of complexity. For freight procurement, Alpega TMS has integrated the industry’s easiest tool for freight procurement, TenderEasy. Alpega TMS continues to apply the deep logistics knowledge built into these integrated solutions to the goal of delivering the world’s most comprehensive transportation management suite.

Adding new leaders to support growth  

Alpega TMS expanded its leadership team with a specific focus on revenue growth. In support of this goal, Anton Hofmeier joined Alpega TMS as Chief Revenue Officer. ‘We were looking to augment our sales leadership with a proven leader who has seen success in the Private Equity environment in Europe while scaling a SaaS software business. Anton is a perfect fit for us’ said Todd DeLaughter, Group CEO for Alpega. Additional new leadership for 2021 included Mauro Carducci as Director Inside Sales & Business Development and Benoit Gruber as Director of Product Marketing. Strengthened leadership leaves Alpega TMS poised for more growth in 2022.

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