Our work flexibility approach

We are not a remote-first or office-first company. We provide work flexibility options to our employees and teams to ensure they do their best work. There is not one single solution for every employee and we explore how that looks like at Alpega Group.

At Alpega, we don’t believe there is a single solution for every employee – we chose to be a company that puts people first.

As a company, we give each team/person the space to decide if they would like to be remote-first, office-first or hybrid. With this, comes the autonomy and responsibilities associated with that decision.

Creating more flexible jobs in the world of tech isn’t just a benefit for organizations, but it also create opportunities for our candidates to build work around their lives, and not the other way around. Having flexible opportunities opens access to talented people, regardless of their zip code.

How does it work?

Depending on the job functions and location, you can chose:

At the office: we don’t have dedicated desks for your laptop or monitor. Our offices are open spaces, and you should book your desk. You can leave your computer and other work material at the office, but you are free to take everything home with you too.

Hybrid: you can chose when you come to the office and when you stay home. It’s common that you come to the office on days where your team (if based in the same location as you) also comes. You can set up your WFH as you desire, with the support of the IT Team.

At home: you work the majority of your time from home, in an Alpega-approved entity. You have a safe and sound WFH set-up, with the support of our IT Team.

You are not bound by any of these regimes once you start working at Alpega. If there is a week where you want to come to the office 5-days a week, you are free to do so. If the following week, you would like to stay and work from home, that is possible.

Being flexible provides opportunities

In a 500-people company, we realize everyone is unique and has different ways to use their flexibility as they please.

For parents and pet-parents, flexibility means spending more time with their loved-ones and being there in important moments and day-to-day routines.

As we have 40+ different nationalities, flexibility also means that you can get work done from your home country, as long as it respects the work abroad policy from the Alpega legal entity you are working for.

For others, it means that you don’t need to start your morning in traffic to get to an office. Or you can chose to come to the office to change scenery and enjoy a coffee with colleagues.

We are people inspired in everything we do

We respect everyone who decides to take a remote-first approach, but that doesn’t mean that these people miss out on updates and engagement activities we provide at Alpega.

All our global employee events are offered in an hybrid regime: you can chose to watch and participate from home or come to one of our offices and see friendly faces, waiting for you with food in our locations.

At Alpega, we are confident that our culture is not tied to locations, but is rather rooted in our shared values, our people and our vision of providing the best-in class services for the supply chain and logistics industry.

If you are interested in open positions at Alpega, visit our Careers Website to check our open positions. Check our LinkedIn page to see what Life at Alpega looks like.

by Sofia Raquel Men

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