Step into the tech world: a beginners guide to break in, by Por, from our Talent Team.

Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to break into the tech world and work in a Software company? You are in luck: we had a conversation with one of our Talent Acquisition Officers at Alpega, Por. Por joined Alpega in April 2022, and she is responsible for covering our attraction and acquisition efforts for our Thailand office – and she is driven by making Alpega a workplace of choice in Thailand.

Hi Por! What is the type of job functions we look for at Alpega?

We have various positions always open across our separate locations. But we mostly look for engineers on the technical side. We are a SaaS company that develops software for the transportation and supply chain industry, so we are always on the lookout for people who are interested in this area.

Breaking down the roles, I mostly recruit:

Software Engineers: they are responsible for designing, coding, and testing new features for our cloud platform. If you become a Software Engineer, you would oversee developing solutions for challenging logistics requirements and taking ownership of code quality.

Agile Testers: they identify, track and document detected errors or customer requirements, to ensure the highest possible software quality. As an Agile Tester, you would be responsible to do continuous testing in close collaboration with the whole development team.

Dev-Ops Engineers: they operate the SaaS (Software as a Service) solution and provide a smooth flow of transport logistics – you would oversee the daily operations and tasks to ensure a very high-quality standard and to cover new trends, risks, and business needs.

If I want to start out in one of these roles, what would you say to me?

Mostly, I would say to get or have an education in computer engineering. Look into Java Programming – this will be an advantage to you. Besides Java, SQL and Oracle knowledge is also key in the industry. We also work with technologies such as Atlassian Tools and you need to get used to Agile Working, Scrum and Kanban.

On the Soft Skills side, I would recommend for you to:

  1. Be curious: research about the company, ask questions when you get hired and have the mindset of continuous learning. There must be a curious mindset to be able to thrive in the tech world.

  2. Brush up your English skills: Alpega is an international company, with offices worldwide. Our teams in Thailand work directly with people from our Austria offices, for example. Even as programmers, they need to be able to communicate in meetings and understand the requirements. And it will help you in general in the job market.

  3. Become adaptable: it is normal that when we are working in an international workplace, diverse cultures, and perspectives surface in discussions. We promote these discussions, but you are expected to put yourself in the shoes of others and respect the person in front of you.

Any final words for any potential candidates?

We are looking for Team Players: at Alpega, our teams are eager to learn and have a can-do mindset. We value collaboration behavior from everyone, regardless of your job function. One of our values at Alpega is being Better Together: which means that we foster a community where idea-sharing and team spirit are valued. Are you up to the challenge?

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