Alpega TMS, a Gartner recognized solution for Multienterprise Collaboration Networks

Discover how Alpega TMS, the top supply chain software, enables end-to-end collaboration and ESG initiatives for sustainable supply chain management.

In April 2023, Gartner released a new research intitled Market Guide for Multienterprise Collaboration Networks, by analysts Christian Titze and Brock Johns, directed at supply chain technology leaders to understand the Multienterprise Collaboration Network marketplace.  

Although the latest eventful couple of years are starting to fade, the disruptions that were brought to supply chains are still increasing. To this day, many organizations still face overwhelming challenges that could easily be put behind them with the help of the right solutions.

Gartner defines Multienterprise Collaboration Networks (MCNs) as “solutions that support a community of trading partners of any tier and type that need to coordinate and execute on business processes extending across multiple enterprises”. Gartner considers cloud-based MCNs to be “a key technology to coordinate, orchestrate and automate an organization’s extended supply chain within the overall business ecosystem they operate in”.  

Owning the capability to have a holistic view of what happens in your supply chain is not a luxury, it is nowadays a requirement. Being able to anticipate, see and know everything that occurs up and down your supply chain, brings you the stability and agility needed to set your objectives accordingly and improve your business efficiency.   

Enabling Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chains through End-to-End Collaboration and ESG Initiatives

In order to be and to stay on track, and have resilient supply chains that can withstand disruptions, managers today need a business application that will help them connect with their business partners. As stated in Gartner’s research, these applications will allow them to “…engage with their business partners’ E2E (end-to-end), upstream, downstream and service, because once the E2E supply chain becomes visible and those insights are leveraged, notable advancements can be made”.  

Being able to connect and collaborate with your trading partners and all parties of your supply chain is a must. Analysts Titze and Johns also note that “…most SCM systems are enterprise-centric, and they can’t simply be extended beyond the four walls of the business, becoming multienterprise. With that, lots of challenges occur, including limited visibility into business partners, no data acting as a single version of truth or expensive and complex individual integrations to manage”. The objective is therefore to “connect people, processes and systems across multiple enterprises, digitizing transactions and creating transparent, resilient and sustainable supply chains”.   

They continue to define that “connecting, coordinating, collaborating and executing on business processes that extend across multiple enterprises for joint value generation will allow supply chain organizations to drive resilience in times of disruptions and address the following top priorities”: 

  • Transparency: Achieving end-to-end visibility and enabling real-time collaboration to mitigate disruptions.
  • Productivity: Increasing productivity and efficiency to drive financial outcome 
  • Resilience: Taking the right actions to meet customer needs while protecting the brand 
  • Sustainability: Supporting environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, including emissions and carbon footprint 

Alpega TMS: A Comprehensive Solution for Digital Supply Chain Management

In its research, Alpega Group is recognized and listed by Gartner as one of the vendors in Europe that provides the solutions to tackle these challenges. Alpega Group consists of six brands:

TenderEasy a SaaS Solution that allows to manage end-to-end process of freight tendering, supporting the professional buyer in an easy-to-use and sustainable way.  

Teleroute, the Pan European Freight exchange that connects to more than 70.000 carriers to offer and allocate shipments.  

Wtransnet, the leading freight exchange in Iberia which connects more than 10.000 companies.  

123Cargo, the leading freight exchange in Romania and one of the most important freight exchange platforms in the Central and Southeastern European countries.  

Road Heroes Truck Driver Platform, Alpega's latest acquisition, is a specialized job site that links truck drivers with prospective employees, in an effort to give both parties a competitive edge to fulfil the market needs.  

And last but not least, Alpega TMS that was recognized as Challenger in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for the twelfth consecutive year, making it the only standalone full TMS vendor, headquartered in Europe, in the challenger's quadrant.  

Alpega TMS is a scalable end-to-end transportation management system and collaborative platform that transforms global and local supply chains into collaborative ecosystems. Our solution offers end-to-end visibility with powerful analytics to inspire better business decisions that will lead to efficiency gains, cost savings, and greenhouse gas reductions.  

By digitizing your transportation processes, Alpega’s software solutions allow you to manage your activities across logistics networks; providing a collaboration platform so that all parties involved have the latest status and customizable alerts about the shipments that are being executed. From procurement to delivery, you gain visibility in every step, making it easier to control your supply chain.  

Smarter Supply Chains, Easier Logistics Management 

Built to serve the needs of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, regardless of their logistics complexity level, the quality of service we provide is one of the many reasons why leading companies choose Alpega. It is focused on empowering customers with the efficient digitalization needed to meet today’s logistics challenges and to drive the industry towards smarter supply chains that emphasize carbon emission reduction.  

With each challenge we offer a top supply chain software solution. We base our strategic advice on the latest thought leadership, practical wisdom from our collaboration with clients and 30+ years of logistics expertise.  

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by Joceline Boutros

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