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The world and markets are changing, altering economic, geopolitical and ecological factors. If this applies to all businesses, it most certainly affects greatly the transport industry and leads to challenges in transportation and logistics. In light of the recent events that have taken place in the past few years, it is important to have a plan, a set course of action in order to avoid the disruptions that occur with these challenging times and to keep your supply chain resilient.

With the help of transportation technology, the logistic challenges that you had to put with could have been avoided, their result could have and still can be altered. But what can “technology” do for your supply chain?  

In the era of digitalization, working manually is a drain and can, without a doubt, pull the breaks on your overall business activities. For a supply chain to run smoothly and be resilient, human logistic management is not the way to operate anymore. With the increasing changes in consumer demand and behavior, with the escalating geopolitical issues that disturb the proper way of trading, and the new ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards) and uprising ecological regulations being implemented, a system needs to come into the picture to oversee and guide your logistics, and to give you a peephole onto what happens behind the curtain.  

What supply chain optimization technology can support me in overcoming global logistics challenges? 

Alpega TMS is a scalable end-to-end transportation management solution that tackles logistics processes to enhance their efficiency and unlock full supply chain visibility and control for optimum performance. It provides a single source of accurate information that connects all stakeholders in a collaborative platform, and transforms global and local supply chains into collaborative ecosystems. By digitizing your transportation processes, Alpega’s software supply chain optimization technologies allow you to manage your activities across logistics networks, providing greater visibility of the logistics flows and better execution supported by automated workflows, data collection and next generation analytics to empower better business decisions. It is a collaborative platform meaning that all parties involved have the latest status and customizable alerts about the shipments that are being accomplished. From procurement to delivery, you gain visibility in every step, making it easier to control your supply chain and approach logistics issues efficiently. 

Why is Alpega the right tool for logistics problems? 

With the never-ending challenges that supply chains have to face, whether it’s capacity, geopolitical conflicts, energy shortage, or others, and because of the complexity of logistics and supply chains, you need to be able to focus on what matters the most and to delegate the rest. During hardships, you need to trust that no matter what, your shipments will be handled properly, at the right cost, on the right routes and arrive at the right time. Alpega’s Transportation Management System provides visibility, an essential feature and your most important asset in order to know what happens in your supply chain, with whom and when. Think about it as a surveillance camera into which you can log in at any time and see where your products are and when they will reach their next step. Being a collaborative platform, you are connected to all your key players and all parties involved in your supply chain for better communication, with customizable alerts about the shipments that are being executed. With this real-time visibility, you are given the possibility to plan ahead and to mitigate losses. 

The powerful analytics and reliable data that Alpega TMS provides ensures better business decisions, which can improve the invoicing and cash-collection times, positively impacting cash flows. In addition, it contributes to freight cost reductions in several ways: 

  • Saving on freight tendering allocation through more accurate tender results 

  • Saving on procurement through direct access to carriers and dynamic transport optimization  

  • Saving on capacity optimization through automated order communication 

  • Saving on freight cost thanks to more accurate calculations  

With complex transportation networks come complex supply chain challenges, costs growth, disruptions and losses, and without concurrent growth in visibility, those issues can be hard to identify, let alone reduce. Alpega’s digital solutions for end-to-end transportation management can transform disjointed networks into connected ecosystems, giving you the transparency you need and faster access to the data that drives improvements across all nodes of your network. 

Join us on the green side and overcome green logistics challenges 

As we all know, ESG initiatives are of great importance today more than ever. As a matter of fact, it has been one of the main topics of the European Union, with the implementation of rules and regulations that aim at reducing carbon emissions.  

At Alpega, we believe that every step of the logistics process should be made with a sustainability goal in mind in order to build a resilient, efficient and sustainable supply chain. Our supply chain optimization solutions come together in a concerted manner and are designed to play their part at each different stage of the supply chain. They support corporate sustainability initiatives through more efficient load and route planning, procuring alternate or additional modes of transportation, monitoring GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions, and managing reusable transport packaging assets. Alpega TMS can help you reach your sustainability objectives and reduce in an efficient manner your GHG emissions throughout your logistics processes while improving shipping rates and delivery times by: 

  • Improving assets use through fewer runs  

Why choose Alpega TMS for your logistic management? 

Built to serve the needs of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, regardless of their logistics complexity level, the quality of service we provide is one of the many reasons why leading companies choose Alpega to manage and optimize their supply chain. It is focused on empowering customers with the efficient digitalization needed to meet today’s logistics challenges, allowing you to create a resilient supply chain that is “unbreakable”. In addition to the many above listed services and advantages of opting for Alpega TMS is that we aim to drive the industry towards smarter supply chains that emphasize carbon emission reduction.  

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by Joceline, Boutros

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