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What is transport order? 

By definition, transport order is “an order from an ordering party to a carrier to transport goods from one or more shippers to one or more consignees in accordance with agreed terms and conditions. The order can also include the assignment of vehicle resources and transportation stages.” And thus, transport order management is the coordination of the various activities that occur between point A and point B, such as order creation, carrier selection, shipment planning, documentation, and tracking and delivery confirmation.   

The evolution of transport logistics: 

Let us take a look at the evolution of logistics to better understand the importance of transport order management. Initially, logistics was used in military operations, it is only during the industrial revolution that it became a large-scale activity. With the rise of the capitalist economy, between 1939 and 1953, and with the development of specific modes of industrial production, the modern distribution sector made its way. It is only in the 1970s that retailing and marketing became part of modern management practice and have, since then, been important factors in the wealth generation.  

Transport order management back then 

With these activities being in their introductory phases, and with the lack of technology back then, it was only natural that all logistic processes were handled manually. Then the first stream of technology brought the infamous excel sheets who stood their ground and became the method of processing orders up till now.  

It is no secret that the world economy has changed, and global markets have shifted drastically, especially over the past few years with the surge of e-commerce that was in big part due to the covid-19 pandemic, and the regional conflicts. So, in consequence, the new consumer behavior that demands less but more often put a toll on the excel sheets and the manual processes, because let’s face it, it was already tricky enough to do everything on these tables, and errors were only getting bigger and more damaging.  

Transport order management now 

Technology made its way into the industry and Transport Management Systems became the deliverance of order management and increased operational efficiency. Conventional order management is timely, costly, elaborate and often prone to human error. Digital logistics order management is centralized and thus fast, effective, and leaves little to no room for mistakes. Nowadays, digital all-in-one solutions are essential as effective transport order management allows organizations to achieve operational efficiency, cost savings, customer satisfaction, and supply chain optimization to grant logistics quality management. Organizations can therefore navigate through the challenges within transportation and logistics, ensuring the timely and reliable movement of goods across their supply chain allowing efficient order fulfillment. 

Alpega TMS for your logistics order management 

Alpega TMS offers many solutions, all carefully designed to optimize your logistic processes and bring resilience to your supply chain. Among these solutions is Alpega's transport order management tool which supports you by centralizing your transport flows with all carriers through a single portal. It automates order assignments, considerably reducing cost and time by up to 95%. It can create, update, and cancel transport orders in just a few clicks, making all your processes fast, effective, and visible. It allows you to centralize your transport flows with all carriers through a single portal, ensuring the relevance of the documentation, reducing time inefficiencies and orders inaccuracies. Everything is stored in one place and is accessible and auditable. If transport order management is integrated within your TMS, you can benefit from an all-in-one solution. Moreover, it standardizes logistic processes across internal and external business units, offering real-time visibility on the order details and notifying you in case of issue. 

Key benefits of logistics order management with Alpega TMS:

  • Efficient operations 
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Cost optimization
  • Warehouse management
  • Complience and documentatation 
  • Visibility, Real - Time Visibility and transparency 
  • Risk Management 

Just as you would not be riding a horse and carriage on a busy highway, your transport orders cannot function properly when managed the old way. Boost your productivity and ease your operations for optimum logistics efficiency. Ensure your customers' satisfaction, stay on top of the challenges, and benefit from cost and time reductions with Alpega TMS.  

Are you ready to ditch the excel sheets? Contact us now for more information. 

by Joceline Boutros

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