The current state of Transport Management Systems

Benoit GRUBER, VP of Product Marketing of Alpega TMS, gave his expert opinion on the current state of Transport Management Systems (TMS) and the importance of transitioning to advanced transport solutions to increase transport resilience and encourage company growth. In this blog article, Gruber examines the emergent need for focused solutions and what makes Alpega the leading TMS provider in Europe.


Time for a change, rethink processes 

That is the question that most companies ask themselves at one point. Time to change ways of thinking, ways of working, tools being used, or simply change of personnel.  I understand that change is a scary thing, especially when it can disturb your processes. But not all changes are bad and not all processes are efficient! As time runs by, the economy, global markets, and consumer behavior have drastically changed. They have shifted in needs and perception, while the geopolitical events of the past few years have not helped in finding a new normal.

How does that affect the way of running business operations? 

 Well, it simply signifies more disruptions, more challenges, and growing needs for alternative ways of getting “the job done,” while of course keeping an eye on financials, on growth, on sustainability objectives, on employees' happiness and on customer satisfaction. When running business operations, Transport Management Systems can be an important driver for getting the job done. 

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of transportation as a unique factor, particularly when offering products similar to competitors’, and prioritizing efficient transport infrastructure has become essential for meeting and retaining customer satisfaction. Moreover, on-time product availability and consistent operational updates are vital, which accentuates the importance of investing in transport management solutions. 

Transport Management Systems are recognized as essential tools to manage and optimize transportation-related processes more efficiently.  As companies experience transformation, the demand for a TMS capable of adapting to the complexities of logistics operations becomes increasingly prominent. The importance of possessing multimodal capabilities and comprehensive functional coverage becomes more evident as businesses explore new markets, use different transport modes, and collaborate with additional logistics partners. 

Alpega TMS is a comprehensive Transport Management System designed to optimize logistics operations and enhance supply chain efficiency. It offers a range of features and capabilities to meet the evolving needs of businesses in the transportation and logistics industry, focusing on sustainability, real-time visibility, scalability, and unique modules that position it as a valuable tool for companies aiming to optimize their transportation and logistics operations. 

Alpega TMS distinguishes itself through its scalability, extensive functional coverage, and distinctive modules such as Tendering and Real-Time Visibility (RTV). Our RTV module effectively consolidates tracking data, including information from external partners, offering a centralized view within the Transport Management Software. An important aspect for us at Alpega is that we put a strong emphasis on high-caliber customer success teams proficient in transport network management, that guarantee not only technical efficiency but also a smooth and streamlined go-live process. 

As organizations transition to SAP S/4 HANA, Alpega TMS offers an alternative cloud solution that integrates seamlessly with the ERP's recent version. This solution, based on the Basic TM module, combines advanced functionalities at a significantly lower cost compared to SAP TM Advanced. Alpega TMS aims to facilitate the transition for businesses using different SAP versions, ensuring a seamless continuation of transport processes. 

Contact us to explore our solutions and how they can help your organization grow and become more resilient. 

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