At the Heart of… Logistics Visibility

By definition, logistics visibility is the ability to track and monitor the status and location of parts, components and products as they move along through the supply chain, from origin to destination. But why is logistic visibility so important, especially nowadays?

Aside from providing the means to know where your goods are, it also gives a clear view of your inventory and activity. Another significant aspect is that  real-time supply chain visibility enables shippers to improve customer service and cost control, it gives accurate status updates, real-time insights, and it limits disruptions and allows them to mitigate risks. This visibility can be measured in terms of quantity, accuracy, and speed of the information flow between all parties involved in the supply chain.

We know that the presence of logistics visibility is a major benefit, but have we ever looked at what happens without it? The lack of visibility in a supply chain translates into interruptions, causing you to loose track of your supply network and shipments, and not being able to meet accurate deadlines. Without visibility you also cannot forecast demand and therefore you might be left with too much or not enough inventory. Talk about a walk in the dark…

The goal of logistics visibility

Visibility indeed has an objective when it comes to your supply chain, it has a specific role; to collect better information about your logistical operations and strengthen them, make them more efficient, more accurate in order to reduce risks, to increase profit, to make your customers happy and to reduce your costs. In other words, visibility is your supply chain’s best friend. It is there to improve the supply chain by taking real-time data and putting it at the disposition of your stakeholders and your customers, making everybody aware of the shipment’s status and availability in real time and with alerts.

And then there was technology… and logistics visibility

There are technologies and digital supply chain visibility solutions that were created to bring real-time visibility to your supply chain, to “add light”, and in terms of light, Alpega TMS is spot on. Alpega TMS is a scalable end-to-end transportation management system that transforms global and local supply chains into collaborative ecosystems. Our solution offers end-to-end real-time visibility with powerful analytics to inspire better business decisions that will lead to efficiency gains, cost savings, and cherry on top, greenhouse gas reductions. How? Simply by allowing all parties involved in the logistics processes to collaborate and be aware of the latest status of shipments being executed, as stated previously in the very role of end-to-end visibility.

So why should you get a Transport Management Solution?

The reason why you should implement a transportation and logistics management solution is first to automate your logistics processes and gain the infamous visibility over your supply chain. Moreover, Alpega TMS being a scalable solution, it perfectly fits your transportation management needs, regardless of the complexity of your logistics processes. It allows you to connect to all players in your supply chain, to create and build relationships with your carriers, to earn a competitive advantage and ensure customer satisfaction. With Alpega TMS, you gain all these benefits but also create a sustainable and more resilient supply chain, particularly in these challenge-filled times, as well as changing markets and consumer demands.

Discover our supply chain visibility software and reach end-to-end supply chain visibility with Alpega TMS.

by Joceline Boutros

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